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The newbies have whole lot of doubts and questions, for which they seek instant clarifications and answers. To make matters easy for them, following are some of the questions with their detailed answers covering all the basics of the A quick glance will make a user past master regarding the site's purpose and capabilities.

It is 'too good to be true' How is it possible?

It is as simple as our daily Newspaper i.e we receive a 40+ pages Newspaper at a cost of ` 5/- or less whereas the cost of only printing will not be less than ` 100/- who pays for rest of the money, simple the advertisers or sponsors. The same concept is followed at, the sponsors or advertisers paid for this product along with the commission. User gets prize, Advertisers get targeted Customers and FreeJeeto get the commission, therefore a win-win-win situation for everyone.

Is there any hidden cost or conditions?

No there is absolutely no hidden cost or conditions.

Will a winner be a Genuine Winner, how can I be assured?

Yes, 100% that is why we are mentioning everywhere that the winners will be announced through automated selection. However, if any winner is comfortable in posting their Name, Email ID and / or Mobile number we will really appreciate as it will help us in showing our reliability and genuineness. Also if you can tell us how apart from this we can display our genuineness and if it was appreciated and implemented then consider yourself to be Lucky winner for an awesome free goodie.

How can I Claim my winning and how long you take to deliver the Prize?

Go the Claim page after Login, follow the process by verifying your unique winning Ticket number. On successful attempt the winning amount will reflect in your account you can then select your prize from the product gallery, as per the selection of the prize the time will vary, however it will reach you within 2 weeks.

What if my recharge fails, what should I do then?

We will try our level best that this do not happen but sometimes it is not in our hand as the service provider’s server may not react in the stipulated time and the transaction may fail, if this happen then your money will be refunded within 48 - 72 hours depending on your banks policy.

Can I recharge for more mobiles, DTH and Data Card apart from my own, what benefits do I get?

Yes you can, in-fact you should, the more money you spent on the website in form of Recharge the more FreeJeeto Points you will get and this will give you a chance to redeem more tickets which increases your chances of winning so many awesome Freebies absolutely Free.

What are FreeJeeto Points, how can I get more or free FreeJeeto Points?

FreeJeeto points are the points which can be used to get Daily and Weekly tickets depending on the value of FreeJeeto point and your choice. FreeJeeto points are given entirely free through online Recharge.
FreeJeeto points you get is the equivalent of the amount spend by you for Recharging your Mobile, DTH and or Data Card. For every ` 1/- you get 1 FreeJeeto Point.

I won, now why do you insist on writing a testimony?

DotCom scams and frauds have become part and parcel of the online industry, because of some wrong company others have to suffer. That is why we insist so that at-least in some way other users may know that the winners are genuine and we are a reliable company. Also an option of writing a testimony is available which will give you Free FreeJeeto Points, so why not increase your chance to win by scribling few words.

Is there any special offer during festivals/new year?

Yes, there may be some or the other special offers we may announce, just wait and watch.

How much time do I get to Claim my winning?

Time is money and therefore we have kept enough time for a user to
Claim their winning i.e.

Hourly : 7 Days Daily : 1 Months Weekly : 3 Months If a user does not claim in the time period then they have to wait again for their winning as the winning will not be processed after the given time. However an email and SmS will be sent to the user informing about their winning in case of Daily and Weekly. Therfore we suggest that keep checking your winning and do login daily at so that you never miss any winning.


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Ashwin KumarAshwin Kumar
This Looks Like A Win-win Situation For At Least The Consumer. We Will
Have To Wait For The Result. Hope It Will Fulfil The Expectations.

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Vanita IyerVanita Iyer
Free Jeeto Is An Interesting App. Play Kbc Coinpati To Redeem 1000 Rs Cash Prize Looks Like A Win-win Situation To Me! Fun To Play Here In Free Time.

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Free Jeeto Is Providing Good Services. Thats Why I Logged In To This Account. It Is Providing Freerecharges.