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Ashwin KumarAshwin Kumar
This Looks Like A Win-win Situation For At Least The Consumer. We Will
Have To Wait For The Result. Hope It Will Fulfil The Expectations.

Jeya KumarJeya Kumar
It Is A Awesome Plan. Win-win Everyone. Money In Safehand As Well As Getting Rewarded Yourself. Go Shed The Good Job

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At we give our user many ways to increase their experience in an unbelievableway‚ by giving them more than nine thousand chances to win Cash Prize worth millions‚ for which they either have to spend a little or in some case not even a single penny‚ unbelievable! Read more to know more. A unique and unbelievable concept but its true‚ it took us some time to find out a Win Win situation for our customers or users and also for our advertisers. A genuine advertiser needs genuine customers and they feel very happy and comfortable if they have to even spend less to reach to their targeted customers. On the other hand like a normal human tendency we love to get a lot of free stuffs and in general we Indians get very happy if we get free offers like discount or goodies but most of the time to get this discount or freebies lot of company indirectly adds on to the cost in the product or services they offered and then announce a winner in which apart from the winner‚ all other customers has to pay for that cost of that product which a winner has taken but in FreeJeeto concept a user pays nothing else and the system in 100% transparent‚ either you win or you win there is nothing to lose. In today´s time‚ ecommerce has changed a lot of customer buying mentality. The customer gets cheap goods like TVs‚ computer‚ laptops and many other electronic or non-electronic goods but on the other hand that company´s offering such cheap price is to acquire customers and thinks that the customer will buy goods from them even in long run. The other cost like advertisement on TVs‚ radio and newspaper are also to aware people and their customers about their offerings and brand building which result in a heavy customer acquisition cost. The customer acquisition cost varies from company to company‚ even some company has more than one thousand rupee as customer acquisition cost. So it will not be wrong to say that to acquire 50 customers for those kind of company they end up paying more than fifty thousand rupee. This is where we think FreeJeeto will be a great place for those companies´ because with a footfall of more than hundred thousand genuine customers every day on FreeJeeto this company can save millions of rupee by spending merely a small amount on FreeJeeto. For the customer prospective most of the customers wants benefit either by way of discount or freebies‚ but sometime they have to pay a nominal price for such freebies‚ therefor customers like those can be rest assured that they will not have to pay anything extra to get discounts on their favorite products on their favorite websites‚ infact every year more than nine thousand luck customers will get anywhere 20% to 6‚00‚000 % benefit in way of winning amounts. FreeJeeto announces one hundred rupee winner every hour and that will come out to be eight thousand seven hundred and sixty hourly winners in a year. Then we have a category of one thousand rupee winner every day which will come out to be three sixty five daily winner. The hourly and daily winners will generally get Free Recharge in there eWallet account of FreeJeeto.In. Then for the bigger prices we have weekly winner which will be of fifty thousand rupee and there will be fifty two winners in a year. A customer can buy anything from motorbike to laptop‚ recharge to cash card or gift card for their favorite website‚ from camera to mobile phones and they list goes on and on. With the kind of popularity and trust FreeJeeto has gain in the short span company is even planning to start a new category of monthly winner of one lakh rupee which will be announced on last date of every month and the lucky winner can get cash prize worth rupee one lakh. And finally we have our star prize that is a rupee three million car‚ yes you read to write again‚ on the new year´s eve company will also announce a lucky winner who will be entitle to get cash prize worth rupee three million of which winner can either buy a car or house which ever suits best to them. Isn´t it one more reason to celebrate New Year´s Eve! As far as the dotcom scam is considered‚ we will like to highlight only one thing that the founder of FreeJeeto is also a promoter of more than rupee one thousand eight hundred crore worth of turnover and runs the India´s largest transport company which is more than forty decade old company. The company holds it name as synonyms to trust and commitment. Moreover when we have genuine advertisers already on board the company has no reason to cheat its customers. The advertisers are also well known in the industry and our country‚ so no good company will like to associate themselves with someone who is a scam. Our business model is simple we get some percentage from our advertisers‚ advertisers get targeted customer branding and customer gets freebies‚ hence a win-win- win situation for everyone. FreeLuckydraw or Free Win: India´s first 100% Safe and Risk free winning concept‚ that is why we call it Zero Risk High Profit. Yes you read it right‚ whether you win or not we refund your 100% money back by way of cheque‚ no kidding. We do not want to be like other DotCom company that is why we return your money if you are not satisfied with the services or we will call it ‚Your Luck‚. All you have to do is deposit INR 500/- per ticket and get 1000´s of chances to win cash prize worth INR 1‚00‚00‚000/- (1 Crore). If you win you can claim the Cash prize and your Deposit Money back. If you do not win still you get your 100% Deposit back‚ unbelievable! But it is true and that is why we call it Zero Risk High Profit. Is it legal! Yea it is‚ because we refund your 100% money back that is why there is nothing at stake to loose and therefor it is not consider as Gambling. To know more click here FreeRecharge: Make your Recharge Genuinely Free. Yes‚ you read it right again‚ on Recharge of your Mobile‚ DTH and Data Card of INR 100/- (lump sum or total) you get 8760 chances in a year to Win you recharge Free worth INR 100/-. Is it not Unbelievable! Yet it is true‚ believe us. The 8760 chances are for every INR 100/- spent on Recharge‚ the more you recharge the more chances you get to make your recharge absolutely and genuinely free. Not only this you will get Free Coupons as well just like any other Recharge website is providing but what they are not providing is the option of 8760 chances to make your recharge Actually and Genuinely Free. Wow! If you win you get double the value of Recharge i.e. Free Coupons + INR 100/-. That is why we luv to say that ‚We Luv to give Freebies. Free Shopping : Winner don´t do different things but do things differently‚ To give a better and exiting example of this famous quote we invite you to do Online Shopping on your favourite store through and get free chances to win Cash Prize worth INR 1‚00‚00‚000/- (1 Crore) absolutely Free. What will be more exiting to get best discounts on your favourite and at the same time getting multiple chances to Win Cash Prize and awesome Freebies absolutely free. All you have to do is instead of going on the website of your favourite merchant directly‚ logon to select the best coupon and deals you want and click on the Codes and you will be redirected to your favourite merchant and do the shopping by taking the advantage of the deals and coupons and after that fill a small form on and start winning! Free KBC : Double Dhamaka Forever Yes it is also true‚ increase your General knowledge by selecting the right option out of 4 choices‚ the more you give right answer the more are your chances to Win Free Recharge and Cash Prize Worth INR 1‚00‚00‚000/- (1 Crore) absolutely free. KaunBanegaCoinPati (KBC) entitles user to win Free Recharge or Gold Coin worth INR 1‚000/- every day by answering 50 right questions daily. So what do you have to loose‚ nothing if you do not win still you win by increasing your general knowledge and if you win‚ you win awesome Cash Prize that we have for you in the store‚ and that is why we call it ‘Double Dhamaka Forever´. The Hunger games : (coming soon) While you are waiting for your chance to Win the awesome Freebies‚ we thought why not we give you more options to Win more for Free and that is why we have kept a game i.e. Guess the Number. All you have to do is guess the number between 1 to 1000 and if your guess is accurate with the number selected by MySQL random then you will get Free FJ Points to buy the daily and Weekly Tickets free which will in return give you option to win Cash Prize worth one Crore in a year. Also Match the number which is yet another simple way to win freebies or FJ tickets which will entitle you for lot of free cash prize. A user will get five chances to match the last seven‚ six‚ five‚ four and three digit of their respective mobile number‚ if the user number matches with any of the other option then user will be entitle to get rupee hundred recharge or five hundred FJ points on matching last seven numbers‚ in case of six the user will get either rupee fifty recharge free or 400 FJ points. The user has 3 more options i.e. five‚ four and three and the user will get either rupee thirty free recharge or 300 FJ points or rupee twenty free recharge or 200 FJ points or Rupee ten recharge free or 100 FJ points respectively. The hunger games comprises of ‘guess the number´ and ‘match the number´ is not started yet but will be soon available to the users however a user can try Free KBC in the meantime where they can increase their knowledge and win chance to get free FJ points which will entitle them to win cash prize worth rupee one thousand daily. In the coming soon segment we have in store for you a system which will help you in scheduling your recharge activities without even tension of remembering or forgetting important recharges‚ e.g. if you recharge an internet plan for a particular service provider and you get even 1 hour late then the telecom provider will automatically start deducting money from your mail balance and it comes to your surprise that just by forgetting a mere amount say rupee two hundred and fifty you deduction happens to be even rupee one thousand as the service provider will not stop till your main balance is zero which can sometime even put you in a serious problem as normally such packs get over at midnight and in the morning when you happen to call someone you find out that because of not so important things like Whats App your main balance is zero and if you are early riser then you will have to either go online and recharge your mobile or even if you do not net connectivity then you will have to wait till the shop opens. Therefor to save your valuable money‚ time and efforts we may start this schedule recharge soon. All in all our main objective is to come out with solutions which we face maybe not in a day to day activity and therefor not so important but when the trouble comes it becomes a regular headache to remember the exact date to recharge your mobile or to activate the internet pack‚ all you have to do is to remember that your eWallet has sufficient fund and you never go out of stock there. More ever we are the only one who offers this unique concept where your money never sleeps as it will give you good chances to win cash prizes without any risk of losing a single penny then why not to deposit a good amount and be tension free. In case if you are not comfortable in depositing a big amount we are also working on the possibility wherein your minimum balance is maintained by automatically adjusting or deducting your money from your credit card or debit card and this will only happen when you give us authority to do so. For us your comfort and flexibility is more important as we believe in developing and maintaining the relation and we know if you are happy then you will not mind in-fact you will try to make sure that we make money and keep up the good work. How we make money is rather more simple‚ if you recharge your mobile through offline a service provider pays say three percent of commission whereas in case of online they pay us say two and a half percent and our expense is say two percent then we save half percent directly. We agree that our percent is less as compared to offline but the beauty is that we can handle way more transaction as compared to offline say if a offline person can handle sixty transaction per hour at an average of one transaction per minute we can handle minimum sixty transaction per minute and if the required it can go upto even sixty thousand transaction. Therefor even a small percent can give us way more then what an offline can give‚ to add a cherry on top we have even reduced out earning by introducing a year on year promotional scheme most of the companies either does on festivals or special occasion whereas we though to keep it a never ending promotional scheme and why not if we save money‚ if our customer save money and even the advertisers are happy what more one can expect. So do try to user all the ways on freejeeto to make sure that you do not lose any option to win cash prize which can give you awesome goodies like‚ Free Recharge‚ Free Bike‚ Free laptop‚ Free camera‚ Free tablets‚ free mobile‚ free furniture‚ free shirts‚ free air tickets‚ free hotel rooms‚ free pants‚ free jeans‚ free cosmetics and even the free car and free house. So what are you waiting for the possibilities are endless and the way is simple. Remember you have to take one step towards us and we will open the way of possibilities for you and register on FreeJeeto and start winning or shall I say JeeteRaho! Happy winning.